Exhibition – Technohoros Art Gallery – June 15th – July 8th, 2017

The Technohoros Art Gallery presents Thalassini Douma’s photographic exhibition entitled “Journey in the Labyrinth“, which will be inaugurated on Thursday, June 15th at 20:00 and will last until Saturday July 8th. The exhibition -curated by Lorenzo Canova– is held under the auspices of the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens. Part of the trilogy was presented at the Archaeological Museum of Patras between April 26 and May 14, 2017, in an exhibition organized by Technohoros and curated by Dr. Nina Fragopoulou, under the auspices of the Department of Geology of the University of Patras. The exhibition consists of three series of black and white photography: “Dissolving Travellers”, “Move In” and “Lines”. The first series was established in Greenland, the second in underground canyons in Arizona, and the third in New York. This trilogy is a multilayered journey between desolate landscapes of nature and buildings of the metropolis.

Art historian Lorenzo Canova, curator of the exhibition, mentions:“…Thalassini Douma, carries out a complex journey that comes to be strong through the intensity of a glance which gets into the vital essence of the places, in order to distill either history, or the concealed meaning that gives life in its presence. Working on the iconography of urban and natural landscape, in a very concentrated way, Douma goes through territories apparently distant and opposed, finding those affinities and concordances that mysteriously connects the icebergs on the sea with the desert dunes, the rocks of the underground canyon’s with the crystal facades of a skyscraper. These recent cycles of Douma’s work could be read as a multi-level journey, where civilization’s absence and presence are viewed as complementary elements of a unique crossing….”

The artist herself notes: «When I started this personal research I did not know where this search would really lead me, and what would be the connection of these places to me in space and time. What I was glad to retain was my return to the mythical roots of Greece, the journey, and a central symbol that links the ancient to the modern and the present, finding the idea of the labyrinth in stone and skyscrapers, in water and crystal, sand and ice, revealing the changing and eternally regenerated forms. My work is a journey of the soul that finds its labyrinth again, where the labyrinth is the internal seeking, rebirth and reunion…the return to the womb of Mother Earth.»



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