tiny Biennale -Temple University – Rome – February 2020

”Liberta dell’anima’’ ©Thalassini Douma – All rights reserved

My work for the Tiny Biennale VII edizione
Opening on February 18th – 11 March
@ the Gallery of Art at Temple University Rome
curated by Susan Moore

Tiny Biennale 2020 – Una mostra di opere in miniature
Il tema di quest’anno sarà 2020. Questo nei paesi anglosassoni ha due significati: la data della mostra, ma anche 20/20, cioè la visione perfetta. An exhibition of works in miniatures. 

This year’s theme will be 2020. This has two meanings in Anglo-Saxon countries: the date of the exhibition, but also 20/20, that is, the perfect vision.


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