About Thalassini

I stand in gratitude and awe of the creative talent apparent in so many people I know. Yet my reason for working with Thalassini Douma, is for reasons beyond her natural and evolved talent as a photographer.

As I recognise people, greatness of character is illuminated by an individual’s capacity for compassion. Amidst her tangible concern for humanity. Thalassini Douma is a fighter, whose fearless nature holds the kind of unbending courageousness that will always have her standing on the front-line of life…

In our sisterly struggle for greater equality for all souls. A woman who owns the selfless tenacity to be a war photographer or, be dumped by a helicopter to spend time alone on an iceberg in an effort to ‘capture a moment.’ Is in my mind, really the only kind of woman to have by your side amidst this ever evolving time like no other….


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